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Gonzalo Araya and Hard Blues Trio celebrate a partnership that is the result of friendship and musical affinity between musicians. Since Gonzalo established himself in southern Brazil, he sought out local musicians to form his support band, it was when he met Juliano Rosa, guitarist of the Hard Blues Trio, who was part of the Brazilian formation of “Los Colegas del Blues” accompanying the Chilean musician in various presentations. Subsequently, bassist Dani Ela and drummer Alexandre Becker joined the group forming the harmonica's support band. Gonzalo also participated in the recording of the first Hard Blues Trio album and the partnership with the trio from Rio Grande do Sul only increased, yielding several shows throughout Brazil.


Gonzalo Araya was born in the city of Rancagua, Chile in 1976. He is considered one of the pioneers of the harmonica in Chile, where he has played and recorded with great artists of the national scene, in addition to having recorded with many other artists from all over the world. He is able to master different types of harmonica, such as the diatonic and chromatic, and has studied with the great names of the harmonica in the world such as: Howard Levy, Carlos del Junco, Sandy Weltman and Antonio Serrano. In 2001 and 2011, he had the honor of opening the stage for Eric Clapton in Chile together with Miguel Botafogo from Argentina. Gonzalo has been the biggest reference for a whole new generation of harmonica players in Chile. Some of the artists you have followed: Bob Margolin, Bob Stroger, Andrea Dawson, Phillip walker, Andrew Jr. Boy Jones, Maurice John Vaughan, Eddie C. Campbell, Lurrie Bell and Tail Dragger.

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Hard Blues Trio is one of the most exciting bands of the brazilian blues-rock scene with young Dani Ela (bass/vocals), Juliano Rosa (guitar/vocals) and Alexandre Becker (drums). Their powerful Blues influenced sound has a modern identity with lyrics in portuguese and english. The band appears on main Blues events in Brazil. "Pé na Estrada" is the debut album released in 2017.  “Vento e Chuvarada” is the single released in 2019. "Missed The Train" is the New single released in 2020 available on digital platforms. 

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Gonzalo Aray e Hard Blues Trio
Gonzalo Aray e Hard Blues Trio
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