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Hard Blues Trio announces the release of a new single. The song "É Pra Lá Que Eu Vou" arrives on digital platforms in November 2023 accompanied by a music video on the band's channels.

Inspired by the band's trip around Brazil right after the pandemic period, the lyrics talk about missing the stage, the joy of being on the road again and seeing new places.

The track was recorded and mixed at the Blues Crawfish Records studio in São Carlos-SP by Netto Rockfeller, a reference in “old school” style recordings in Brazil, with musical production by Dani Ela and Juliano Rosa. The mastering was done in Chicago-USA by Pedro Canaan through Engine Ears Inc. The recording is part of the award that the band received from the Carrancas Blues festival (MG) in 2022. 

The music video is starred by the band members and shows vocalist Dani Ela driving a souped-up Maverick GT down a road where she meets guitarist Juliano Rosa and drummer Alexandre Becker along the way. They get in the car and head to a biker bar waiting for the band for the show that ends the clip. The locations chosen were roads in the interior of RS between Caixas do Sul and Flores da Cunha, in addition to the V2 MotoHub bar in Caxias do Sul, which mobilized the group of motorcyclists and regulars to participate in the filming.

Dani and Juliano also directed the video, which was filmed and edited by Zé Carlos de Andrade.

The official launch is scheduled for 11/23/23 with the premiere of the music video live on the big screen and the band's show on the stage at Gravador Pub in Porto Alegre.

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