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Hard Blues Trio is blues rock. A league of resistance, HBT bets on the strength of the guitar, bass and drums triad, bringing elements and direct connections with the sound of the 1970s, while displaying the freshness of the new wave. 

For 10 years, the brazilian group formed by Dani Ela (bass/vocals), Juliano Rosa (guitar/vocals) and Alexandre Becker (drums/vocals) has been one of the promoters of the style in the south of the Brazil.

The band started in 2012 playing in pubs in Porto Alegre and all RS state.

The current lineup was consolidated in 2016 and in 2017 released its debut album, "Pé Na Estrada", which was nominated for the Açorianos Music Award and is mentioned among the best blues rock albums of the new Brazilian scene. The trio has already been the attraction of major festivals, such as the "Mississippi Delta Blues Festival" in several editions since 2017 in Caxias do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and Gramado, Carrancas Blues Festival in Minas Gerais and São Chico Blues in São Francisco de Paula-RS. In 2022, they made their first tour in Brazil, passing through São Paulo, Paraná and Minas Gerais. In 2023 the group was at the first edition of MDBFair in Flores da Cunha-RS and is already scheduled for major events throughout Brazil, once again being the attraction of MDBF in Rio de Janeiro and Gramado, Carrancas Blues in Minas, and Kiss Club from Kiss FM, the biggest rock radio station in Brazil, in São Paulo. The single “Missed The Train” won the HDB Condecora award for best music video by União Brasileira do Blues. 

Hard Blues Trio has been on stage alongside big names in music, such as: Solon Fishbone (RS), Beto Saroldi (RJ), Cesar Valdomir (Argentina), Gonzalo Araya (Chile), Bob Stroger (USA) and James Boogaloo Bolden (USA). 


The group's latest release is a five-track EP titled "Faça Amor, Não Faça Guerra e Escuta Esse Rock". (Make Love, No War and Listen to This Rock) 

HBT Set Fire session - todas-6405.jpg
HardBluesTio Portao-0674.jpg

“A beautiful girl with green hair plays bass and sings loudly (...) It is art in its essence: beautiful, generous and transcendental. Like the moon in the sky.” 

said Martha Medeiros; the chronicle was published on August 9th 2017 after watching Dani Ela playing bass at the Jazz Club (Porto Alegre), a traditional event starring the singer and pianist Ivone Pacheco.

“While listening to the Hard Blues Trio, the click promoted by the finger when activating the CD player turns on that long awaited light at the end of the tunnel."


"A big national promise in Brazil and represents Rio Grande do Sul very well."

Crash TV

Dani Ela (bass and vocals):

Bassist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Dani Ela is one of the female forces of the music scene and a revelation of the blues/rock in the South of Brazil. She has performed alongside names like Bob Stroger (USA), Chris Gill (USA), Cesar Valdomir (ARG), Gonzalo Araya (CHI), James Boogaloo Bolden (USA), Beto Saroldi (BR) and Charles Master (TNT). Dani is endorser for Basso Straps.

"Hard Blues Trio is a creative group and knows what it does. Dani Ela on the front line is an example of female representation", says Paulo James (Acusticos e Valvulados).

HBT Set Fire session - todas-6127 dani.jpg

Juliano Rosa (guitars and vocals):

Initially trained as a formal events musician, Juliano Rosa has been a rock and blues enthusiast for over two decades, acting as a cultural agitator, promoter of events and musical curator. In addition to being a guitarist, composer and artistic director at HBT, he has worked alongside artists such as Gonzalo Araya (CHI), Andy Serrano (BR), César Valdomir (ARG), James Boogaloo Bolden (USA), Beto Saroldi (BR), Charles Master (TNT), among others. Juliano is endorser for Basso Straps, Serrano Amps and Guitar Garage.

“I didn't know the guitarist of Hard Blues Trio before. He's very good”, said Hique Gomez (Tangos & Tragédias) after sharing the stage with Juliano.

ju HBT Set Fire session - todas-6317.jpg

Alexandre Becker (drums and vocals):

Experienced composer, arranger, producer, music educator and professional musician for over thirty years, Alexandre Becker works in workshops and social/cultural projects for children and adults. He participated in recordings and performances by several artists such as Solon Fishbone (BR), Astroverso (BR), The Hound Dogs (BR), James Boogaloo Bolden (USA), Beto Saroldi (BR) and in the Vocal and Instrumental Group De Vez em Canto (BR), among others.

“Becker's drums are a solid stone that keeps the rhythm steady and pulsating”, concluded Luciano Leães, who signs the production of the group's most recent material.

HBT Set Fire session - todas-6037 xande.jpg
Hard Blues Trio e Gonzalo Araya MDBF RJ 2019-20.jpg

"A strong name in southern Brazil, Hard Blues Trio is an attraction that cannot be missed in the lineup of festivals in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais." 

Combate Rock

"With its original blues rock, Hard Blues Trio is a real find, a group that dignifies the Brazilian scene. Turn up the volume." 

Furia 2112

"The Hard Blues Trio has forged a mature and serious work that is constantly evolving." 

Zé Carlos de Andrade

“I liked the way they recorded “Vento e Chuvarada” live which reveals a power trio with a lot of groove." 

Paulo Arcari

"I had the chance to get to know the origins of the band in 2014 and I've been a testament to how the band has evolved, I'm a fan of their records and I hope that this band of friends who are a reference to the blues in the south of Brazil continues growing more and more." 

Gonzalo Araya


Destaque Palco MP3
Zero Hora | Novembro/2019
Correio do Povo | Fevereiro/2020
Correio do Povo | Junho/2020
Correio do Povo | Fevereiro/2020
Jornal do Comércio | Dezembro/2017
Zero Hora | Dezembro/2017
Jornal do Comércio | Julho/2020
Gramado Jazz & Blues | Julho/2019
Hard Blues Trio - Pics Photo Press 02/2022
Basso Straps | Janeiro/2019
Jornal do Almoço | Novembro/2017
RDC TV | Julho/2019
MDBF 2020
Roger Lerina | Fevereiro/2020
Radar TVE | Abril/2016
Zero Hora | Maio/2020
Zero Hora | Agosto/2017
Gravador Pub | Dezembro/2017
Set Guaiba com Camila Diesel
Mundo Cult | Fevereiro/2020
Entrevista Crash TV
Zero Hora | 01/2022

Hard Blues Trio collects several appearances in the newspapers, radio and TV in Brazil. Check out the clipping of press articles. 

Zero Hora 22/02/2022
Correio do Povo 22/02/2022
Roger Lerina
Correio do Povo | 01/2022


Pé Na Estrada (Debut Album 2017)
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Hard Blues Trio - Missed The Train - Capa.jpg
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Hard Blues Trio - Set Fire (Capa).png



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Missed The Train
Vento e Chuvarada
Escuta Esse Rock
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+55 51 98402-5128

Porto Alegre-RS-Brazil

Photos Zé Carlos de Andrade

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